The customization of a steel cabinet is a perfect idea also for the office. Elegant lines, colors and texture in high resolution adapt to the new needs of the workplace, from smart working to coworking. Thanks to its flexibility, this series allows groups of people to combine their competences by creating a dynamic and stimulating working place while getting rid of the limitations of the static workstation.


Wide choice of bespoke decorations: proposed by Armet or by the customer, they can be made in series on each single door or can be developed continuously on several doors side by side. In this way, the cabinet becomes a canvas on which your own imagination can be limitlessly expressed.

Advanced Closing System

LThe standard lock is a double flip key with 3-point closing lever, and it can be replaced with:

  • Mechanical combination lock
  • Electronic lock with card – Mifare_Rfid
  • Electronic lock App-Smartphone
  • Biometric electronic closure Fingerprint

Mechanical combination lock with 3-point closing lever


Standard lock with 3-point closing lever and double flip key




A modular system that allows the customization of interiors according to different needs: with shelves or as a wardrobe. It gives life to elegant settings that take into account the functional needs of modern workplaces without giving up a unique and refined aesthetic.


Textures customized by the customer, predisposition for charging of computer and smartphones. Office and turnkey project accessories.

Create your 3D furniture

Customize the products as you wish with our configurator.